Team Kezmoh
Folsom, California

Bio: We are a family planning a trip to Spain this year.

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  1. Hi Sky, So glad you’re on your way to a great adventure. Mimi is looking into our airfare to spain. Hope Savannah is as excited as you. Once you’re settled in, you can plan to be my tour guide and translator. Mimi and I are taking a basic spanish class,, so we can find the banos and the cafe ,and the iglesia. Be safe and enjoy. we will be seeing you soon. Love Pappap and Mimi.

  2. Happy Birthday Leslie and Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mike, Sky and Savannah! Will be in Barcelona at the end of January–i know it’s far, but if you’re in the area… xo Joelle

    • Hi Joelle! Great to hear from you! We would love to see you. Barcelona is pretty far from us. What dates will you be there? Any chance you would like to spend a few days in Southern Spain? The weather is sure to be better! hugs to you! Leslie

  3. I’ll keep you posted. Would love to visit Southern Spain for some warmer weather. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

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