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Alhama de Granada



Our planned destination! Alhama de Granada is in Southern Spain in Andalusia. It is about 30 miles from Granada. It is located roughly between Malaga on the Southern Coast and Granada. I is home to about 6000 people and is at 3000 feet.

Mike and I discovered Alhama de Granada in our search for the perfect spot for the kids to go to school and for us to be near some trails to run on. We found a website called Paul Bateson is an Englishman who is a race director based in Alhama who also takes tourists on running adventures. Perfect! We meet him there in 2011 and went on a 3 day running tour with him and fell in love with the area and the little town.  Before we made made our decision we put our packs on and explored the town. It is a very old village but does have some modern conveniences. There is a very small medical center. There is a community center with exercise classes and workout areas and a pool.  There is a bike store called  Cycling Country run by a couple from England. And, most importantly one elementary school. We found the elementary school and knocked on the door. A cleaning woman answered the door and politely listened to us.  She invited us in and we met Javier, the school director. It was summer so he was working in his Bermuda shorts and t-shirt.  He welcomed us warmly and let us know that if we are able to come and have visas the children would be welcome in his school.

We found a great townhouse to rent on trip advisor!  It is technically a vacation rental so it is furnished.  We are going to live in La Casa Azul!  It looks lovely from the pictures, hopefully it will be as nice in person.


Alhama is a lovely little town.  It has many lovely festivals and little cafes.  It attracts tourists from around the world for it proximity to nature and the hot springs outside of town.  The city sits on a gorge so it is a short run down to some beautiful trails. It is a 10 mile run to the top of the nearest mountain. We ran there with Paul and were excited to see a small glimpse of Africa through the clouds! There is a fresh spring at the top of the mountain so we are planning many 20 mile days!


We are excited less than 2 months to go to get started on this adventure!

Ready for Take Off!